We've experienced antigravity without going into space or How while floating our mind got detached from our body

Anti-gravity floatarium

What is it? Sensory Isolation Therapy

What's it supposed to do? Reduces stress, improves sleep, fights pain, stimulates creativity

What do you feel? Absolutely nothing

Technically, any treatment with the potential to improve the body should count as biohacking. Yoga, for example. Or not eating so many candies. But studies on how to maximize the potential of our body and mind fit into some categories: temperature-related interventions, diet and therapies aimed at increasing the effects of meditation.

This time we have chosen to experience the last ones. Floatation tanks, as we have floated in London, belong to the latter category. This method is recommended in treatments for anxiety, depression and times of accumulated tiredness," we are told in The Floatworks. "It serves to combat insomnia, premenstrual pain, chronic pain (migraines, back, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis, etc.), mitigates the consequences of jet lag and works to fight addictions such as tobacco and alcohol. In addition, the mineral salts in the water are beneficial to the skin." Well, we didn't expect so many benefits, we were content to relax after the flight.

Did we make it?

We tell you our experience!

We've lost track of our body weight, has it melted with the water?

We didn't know how much time had passed but the muscles seemed to have relaxed to such an extent that we could hardly feel them.

The thoughts also evaporated.

We were floating in the darkness and silence. With salt water and a blank mind.

Are our eyes open or closed?

"The feeling is that I had no sensation, my mind has become detached from the body. There's nothing like it in the world," says our travel companion. There was nothing to pay attention to. Nothing at all...

And then the music came to tell us that forty-five minutes have passed and we can return to reality. We take a salt shower and from the clouds we head out into the street. Did it work? Let's just say we've never felt so relaxed. Someone asks us how to get to the Symphony Orchestra. "Where?", we answer while still dreaming.

What exactly are these floatation chambers?

Absolute relaxation: in addition to being dark and soundproof, the floatation tanks contain very salty water so that users can float, even if they fall asleep.

The air and water are at the exact temperature of the skin, making it possible to lose all exterior sensations.

Barely able to see, hear or feel anything, an hour in a floatation chamber leads to a deep state of relaxation that resembles the effects of meditation. Over the years, doctors and scientists have used floatation tanks to treat everything from stress and anxiety to migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and mental disorders.

This system has also come into practice in various Olympic committees to improve the preparation of athletes. "It helps me visualize my next competition," says English martial arts (jiu jitsu) athlete Adam Adshead, who has been "floating" every week for the past 18 months. Adshead says that "having no distractions makes it easier to concentrate" and that "many sports psychologists use them to help athletes visualize their performance.

In 2015, neuroscientist Justin Feinstein opened a laboratory dedicated to the study of floatation tanks (The Float Clinic and Research Center) at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Oklahoma, USA. Some research highlights the usefulness of these treatments, known as "restricted environmental stimulation therapies" to reduce stress and anxiety, and to treat post-traumatic stress disorders.

For example, NASA used this method to conduct training programs for astronauts to simulate weightlessness and sensory deprivation.

Excellent results have been obtained at some universities because floating stimulates creativity, promotes intellectual clarity and accelerates the learning process.

Do you want to float completely naked in a hot water chamber in your own home and lose track of weight, time and any worries?

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