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How to sleep well or We are what we eat: our microbiota affects stress, sleep and mood

Insomnia again but you can't wake up in the morning? We all like to sleep well but perhaps you haven't yet realized that one way to improve sleep is in your kitchen. Studies have shown how the gut, our microbiota, impacts things like stress, sleep and mood. So why is your bowel health important? Have you ever been so nervous that you couldn't eat? Have you felt butterflies in your stomach when you had to speak in public or go somewhere you've never been? Have you ever found yourself running to the bathroom because you were too stressed? Strange as it may seem, your gut is often referred to as your second brain. The human gut has over 100 million...

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We've experienced antigravity without going into space or How while floating our mind got detached from our body

Anti-gravity floatarium. What is it? Sensory Isolation Therapy. What's it supposed to do? Reduces stress, improves sleep, fights pain, stimulates creativity. What do you feel? Absolutely nothing. Floatation tanks, like the ones we've experienced in London, belong to that last category. "This method is recommended in treatments for anxiety, depression and periods of accumulated tiredness," we are told in The Floatworks. "It helps to combat insomnia, premenstrual pain, chronic pain (migraines, back, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis, etc.), mitigates the consequences of jet lag and works to fight addictions such as smoking and drinking. In addition, the mineral salts in the water are beneficial to the skin." Well, we didn't expect so many benefits, we were happy just to relax...

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We've hacked our bodies or Why do celebrities love cryotherapy?

Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, Camila Cabello, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Novak Djokovic...Do you know what all these people have in common?No wonder all these celebrities do cryotherapy to take care of their bodies. Cryotherapy has long been used to help recover after training and competitions, reduce muscle inflammation. Many Nordic communities have also used sub-zero temperatures to combat the signs of aging. Now cryotherapy allows you to do this without having to jump into a frozen well.

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Nutrients to boost the immune system

Today more than ever our body must be protected and strengthened. That is why we want to let you know about these nutrients and the importance of including them in our diet: - SELENIUM: Selenium is an indispensable mineral for the proper functioning of our body. We obtain it through the diet and it makes possible diverse biological functions, mainly antioxidant ones. It also acts in the thyroid system and intervenes in the metabolism of lipids. Consumption of adequate amounts of this micronutrient has been linked, among other things, to reproduction and protection against infection. This mineral can be found in: Whole grains, Fish and seafood, Meat, Some types of vegetables (onions, asparagus), Seeds such as sunflower seeds and Nuts...

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Recipes: Zucchini and Avocado green Smoothie

Are you looking for practical recipes to nourish yourself in your day-to-day life? Smoothies can be a solution. That's why we're sharing this shot of macronutrients with you. Tip: To create a low sugar smoothie with good texture you can use zucchini instead of banana, and to make it even creamier, add avocado. Avocados add healthy fats, fiber and protein to keep you satisfied for a long time. They also contain potassium, folate, and vitamin K Ingredients: 1 cup zucchini/ zucchini slices, frozen ½ avocado ½ cucumber 2 stalks of celery 1 slice of pineapple Juice of 1 yellow lemon 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds ¼ cup of coconut water or water Preparation: Place and mix all the ingredients in...

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